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Originally Posted by John Slade View Post
I have the "Buly Special' nose puck. Here's what you do....

1. Take Buly for a ride and land gear up.
2. Measure the size & shape of the flat spot on the nose.
3. Cut a piece of hard wood to fit the shape.
4. Glass it in place
5. replace the bolts and nuts you ground down in step 1.
6. rebuild your wheel pants (after finding the pieces along the runway)
7. refinish and paint

If Buly isn't available you can use 230 lbs of lead weights in the passenger seat and distract yourself by texting to him while on final
John, You are too kind. I'm just under 250 lbs in my birthday suit, But I'm on a crash diet for the Bahamas trip . Johns description of my gear up repair is right. We practiced on his plane, and than I did it 2 more times in mine.
The bumper is made from two pieces of 1/4" thick angle aluminum pieces, bolted back to back, to form a T. To add some extra material on the vertical part, I sandwiched 3/8" Nylon piece I had in the scrap bin. The horizontal piece is the mounting flange that's screwed into the maple piece glassed into the nose. Shape the bumper to your liking. Mine was 1/2 teardrop shape.
I had photo somewhere, but can not find it.
Wayne Hicks has a different version of the skid plate on his web site, but it is not tested. Mine is Thats why it is not a teardrop anymore.

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