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Old 09-12-2017, 03:44 AM
B52 B52 is offline
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Default CG and main undercarriage

1. Is the CG showing correct in a zero fuel weight status ?
2. what is the distance of the main wheel axis to front or back ends of the aircraft ?
3. Is prop axis tilted upwards in relation to the wings cord ?

Any advise input appreciated.
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Old 09-12-2017, 03:36 PM
LEZ1675 LEZ1675 is offline
Bill Welter
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Default Re: CG and main undercarriage

CG of the aircraft is computed with pilot weight, usually half tanks and oil. When the AC is built, it's weighed completely empty to establish a baseline, then other variables are added to compute flying CG.

Completely empty CG is not on the landing gear as shown, it should be slightly forward of the landing gear if the LG was installed properly. It will be really light on the nose gear though!

Distance from the nose to landing gear varies by aircraft and how the nose was built, for CG the standard measurements are taken from the front bulkhead.

Engine mount axis is tilted slightly upward (higher in rear) of the fuselage water line, 2 degrees, but bushing compression makes the engine thrust line about level.

You have the canard labeled Stabilizing force - part of the aircraft's weight is carried by the canard which is a lifting surface. That's what makes these planes stall-resistant. The canard stalls before the main wing, the nose drops, you get more airspeed, no more stall.

All of this is in the plans.
Bill Welter
Colorado Springs, CO
Long-EZ, Supercharged 13B

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