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Old 02-28-2017, 06:02 PM
EracerFL EracerFL is offline
Eracer MKII
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Default Acitve Winglets

Our winglets have some active elements with the rudders?

Winglet FAQs

What is the big difference between Active Winglets and Passive Winglets?

"Passive Winglets require significant structure (weight) to reinforce the wings due to winglet-induced loads during certain flight conditions. Active Winglets are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency—without compromises that come with additional loads and strengthening structures. Tamarack’s Active Winglets feature innovative load-alleviating technology (ATLAS®) that “dumps the load” when conditions require. This allows for a wing extension and an optimally sized winglet. With the ATLAS® Active Winglet and wing extension, planes save 3 to 4 times more fuel than any passive winglet."

What is the “Active” element of ATLAS® Active Winglets?

"The active surfaces on the wing extensions that look like little ailerons are called TACS. The TACS move up and down to alleviate certain loads on the wing that otherwise would be addressed by adding extra structure (weight) to the wing. Together, the TACS, extension and winglet compose the ATLAS® Active Winglet system."
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Old 03-01-2017, 12:06 PM
LEZ1675 LEZ1675 is offline
Bill Welter
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Default Re: Acitve Winglets

Looks like they are selling a universal-type winglet that just attaches to the normal wingtip. But since now there's extra stresses involved - weight, side loads, axial loads, etc, the wingtip should be strengthened to avoid ripping that off.

So, to counteract these new forces that the original wingtip was not designed for, the active winglet has a small aileron built in, right ?

But I don't see how "With the ATLAS® Active Winglet and wing extension, planes save 3 to 4 times more fuel than any passive winglet."
Bill Welter
Colorado Springs, CO
Long-EZ, Supercharged 13B
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Old 08-28-2017, 08:48 AM
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Default Re: Acitve Winglets

If these ailerons deflect to “alleviate certain loads” at the wing tip, aren’t they just ‘giving in’ to the vortex-producing pressures that regular winglets would resist and counteract?

Joe Polenek
Cozy MkIV #1550
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